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The MIB's are a collection of managed objects identified by Object Identifiers (OID). These OID list the characteristics of the devices that can be managed. 3PAR and SNMP. 3PAR has its own SNMP agent built into the device. The 3PAR MIB is contained within the 3PAR CLI download. The HP 3PAR SNMP agent supports SNMPv3, SNMPv2c, SMI-v2 standards.

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Oct 21, 2017 · In short, the image we see above would be the following SNMP OID from Supermicro’s MIB, very useful for later use: CPU - Sensor: 1/sensor reading SYSTEM TEMP - Sensor: 11/sensor reading PERIPHERAL TEMP - Sensor: 12/sensor reading MB10G TEMP - Sensor: 13/sensor reading RAM DIMMA1 TEMP - Sensor: 176/sensor reading RAM DIMMA2 TEMP - Sensor:177/sensor reading RAM DIMMB1 TEMP - Sensor: 180/sensor ....

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HPE Hardware. Hello Experts, I want to configure disk failure, disk usage, overall health monitor for my HP MSA 2040 san box in HP NNMi. Need to know the snmp OIDs for above mentioned metrics for configuring alerts. or. Suggest me something else which can be done to monitor those resources with NNMi. Thanks.

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CONFIGURE SNMP SERVICE. Open Services applet (click on Start menu and search for services) Navigate to the SNMP Service, right click and then click Properties. Configure SNMP Service. Optional: Click on Agent and add Contact and Location and select all services. Configure SNMP Agent. Click on Traps and add Community name.

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